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Global Short Films World Class CinemaThe Tao of Short Films

The board chose to submit a different film for Oscar consideration, but Rafiki, with its sold-out audiences, still won in its own way. Also very timely and refreshing is the film’s refusal to easily label its characters. Gone are the familiar cliques that have often included mean girls, jocks, nerds, and burnouts. “It was very important to me and to Sebastian that was at the center of the story,” Weisz told The Advocate. “After you’ve watched however many minutes of this quite repressed society where you can’t express your sexuality if you’re gay, when these women finally are alone together — it is incredibly important.” In this movie inspired by the Marvel comics, five teens undergo treatments at a secret institution that will cure them of their dangerous powers.

(For the most part. Clearly we love Subarus and Olivia cruises.) Absent further data, there’s no evidence they necessarily fight harder to keep something (“Wynonna Earp” is its own case study) or donate more money or buy more products. That means that while we can’t pull the community as a whole to spend more money at LGBT-run stores or on LGBT-centric projects, as individuals we can make the decision to support these things. Because demand drives supply, if you believe in something, put money toward it. If you want to see more ladies kissing on screen, donate to Indiegogo campaigns.

The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (

This is my final project i chose to do for my last year of college. This short film focuses on the trouble some people may encounter with accepting themselves for who they are, and that its okay to be themselves. The debut film of writer/director Emma-Kate Croghan arrived like a bolt from the blue. Love and Other Catastrophes is a spritzy, talky, low-budget day-in-the-life-of university campus/shared house dramedy shot in just 17 days when the director was 23. An utterly radiant Frances O’Connor leads the cast as cinema studies student Mia, who has recently separated from her girlfriend Danni . Their relationship will resonate with anybody who has also gone through a not-quite-ready-to-say-goodbye break-up.

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However, Abby’s holiday plans change once she learns that Harper’s still closeted to her family and that they have no idea about their relationship. In the past, I’ve used crowdsourcing for the Brazilian webseries “RED” as an example of how the queer community could do more to support queer projects. Between Indiegogo and Catarse, a mere 156 backers financed season six, 163 backed season five, and 233 backed season four. The point I’ve made in the past is that the first episode of “Red” had approximately 369,000 views.

The Not Bucket List (Lesbian Short Film)

One of the most critically acclaimed gay films in years, Your Name Engraved Herein follows to male students at a Taiwan high school who fall in love shortly after the country lifted its martial law in the 1980s. Changes in society, homophobia, and conflict threaten to tear the pair apart, as love tries to hold them together. This hilarious and touching film by Olivia Wilde in her directorial debut stars Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever as two graduating best friends who decide to go to one big party on the last day of school. Dever’s character Amy is gay, and wants to hook up with the girl she’s had a crush on all year at the party. This is one of the most-praised high school comedies in recent years, with Feldstein earning a Golden Globe nomination and the film winning a GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Film.

Through a rare, empathetic portrayal of adultery, this movie directed by Javier Fuentes-León explores the story of a character who is in love with two people. Miguel’s situation is presented in a manner that generates sympathy for him despite his infidelity. Winner of the Golden Lion Award for Best Film, this movie directed by Lorenzo Vigas depicts Armando, a middle-aged gay man who pays young men for company.

At every gloomy turn he encounters anti-Semitism, racism and an eerie supernatural presence linked to his father’s past deeds. An inspiring doco about the 2006 World Cup of Gay Rugby final between the San Francisco Fog and the Sydney Convicts, narrated by former NRL great Ian Roberts, one of the few Aussie field sportsmen to have come out. The tournament is called The Bingham Cup after Mark Bingham, a gay rugby player who died a hero after helping to storm the cockpit of United 93 on 9/11, preventing the plane from becoming a terrorists’ weapon. Three brothers embark on a surfing trip with mates near the NSW city, but sibling rivalry amid the breakers leads to tragedy and recriminations in this low-budget teen drama. The young actors are all easy on the eye, the surfing photography is breathless and the punk-singed soundtrack featuring Bobnoxious, The Lemurs and Transport is outstanding. They all combine to make a fresh, spunky stoner that’s an ode to being young and reckless forever.

They forgive, remain optimistic, and convert Kati Kati into heaven. Everybody needs to urgently sort out their situation, though this imperativeness is missing from the tone of this film. Kati Kati has a meditative pace as if it knows its characters have suffered enough and doesn’t want them to be burdened by the weight of their circumstances. It wants them to take their time, but it also wants them to move on to a peaceful existence. The situation of the characters in Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati is quite different.

It follows Vanessa, a trans teen who’s unsupportive father comes home from prison. As she tries to be herself and find love, her father struggles accepting his daughter. Alice Wu’s follow-up to the lesbian classic Saving Face is a queer high school update of Cyrano de Bergerac. It stars Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu, a shy and friendless student who is approached by a male jock at her school who asks her to write a love letter to Aster Flores, the girl he has a crush on, and the girl she has a crush on too. Logan Lerman proves to be the best young actor of his generation as a troubled freshman who blossoms under the friendship of two seniors.

Writer/director Stephan Elliott’s inimitable road movie needs no introduction; nor do the so-called cocks in frocks who went to a rock . Jokes about a Filipino mail-order bride popping ping-pong balls out of you know where haven’t, shall we say, aged all that well, but what’s Australian history without some good old-fashioned casual racism? Priscilla, a cross-dressing crazy diamond of a film, has too many great moments to list, including one of the most magical scenes produced in Australian cinema in the 90s.

Wanting her to conform to gender norms, her mother wants her to have sex reassignment surgery. When Alex gets involved with the surgeon’s son, she is forced to face difficult questions about her identity. Winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film, this Chilean drama directed by Sebastián Lelio features actress Daniela Vega as a transgender woman working as a waitress and nightclub singer. She faces bigotry after the death of her lover, preventing her from mourning this loss.

In 1970s suburban Melbourne, young couple Merv and Paula are thrown into turmoil when his “mad as a cut snake” former cellmate James turns up out of the blue, wanting to drag him back into a life of crime. Paula is a bit shocked as she had no idea dreamy Merv had done time for armed robbery, but she’s very shocked when it dawns on her that he and the muscly, hirsute James had mated in their cell. The chemistry between the two leads, Ryan Corr and Craig Stott, is joyful, and, amid the tragedy, the message is the sheer power and resilience of true love. If you can cope with the poor production values and camera work, there’s a lot to admire here. Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan deliver nuanced, subtle performances and Galea steers clear of the usual clichés to conjure an authentic feel that sets up an unbearably emotional last act.’s IncestPorn subreddit is a thriving adult community of motherfuckers and daughter-did…

Pierre is on several journeys of self-discovery in Don’t Call Me Son. They also learned they’d been abducted at birth, and a reunion with the long-lost family comes with perhaps unmeetable expectations. These conflicts present ripe opportunities for gender and class to clash in this intelligent Brazilian drama, which took home a Jury Prize at the Teddy Awards. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using Pierre Seel grew up in France, and was imprisoned by the Nazis for being gay at the age of 17. Learn about lives that were cut short by genocide, and create a tribute for someone who was murdered.

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